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    USES: Pulled Pork + Matcha Sriracha Leftover Soft Tacos

    Too often we look in our refrigerators filled with leftovers and wonder what to do with them. Other times we just need a simple meal that's filling and nutritious. Well, this meal is both easy and nutritious!

    We baked a pork shoulder roast and didn’t really have enough of the well marinated and delicious pork roast for another meal the next day. We needed a fun and easy way to reuse the meat without having the same meal again. So, we made pulled pork tacos and paired it with our spicy Matcha Sriracha.

    You can easily do this with any leftover meat you have in your fridge!


    All you need is your leftover meat, Mission gluten-free tortillas (you can use any tortilla of your choice. we opted for gluten-free for obvious nutritional reasons, but they also crisp really well for this meal), Matcha Sriracha and any taco toppings you like!

    Start by throwing the pulled pork in a hot sauté pan with some good quality butter, fresh lime juice and let it really sizzle and char, turning occasionally.
    Set meat aside and toss some gluten-free Mission tortillas in the pan with the leftover butter for crispy tortillas. Feel free to add more butter as your tortillas soak it up.

    The rest of the recipe? Use what you have . . . avocados, cheese, onions, tomatoes . . . and then of course, topped with the only nutritious Sriracha known to the free world . . . Matcha Sriracha.


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