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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other Helpful Information

Can I microwave the product in the pouch?   No.  One of the layers in the pouch is a metalized material which should not be placed in a microwave. This protective barrier is never in contact with the product, rather sandwiched between the outer printer layer and two additional product protective layers, making up the highest quality 4 layer pouches available.  We recommend warming the pouch in hot water (not boiling) for a few minutes, or pouring the product into a sauté pan and lightly warming, avoiding over-heating. (you should not see your sauce bubbling on the stove)

Where are your products made?   We manufacture and package our products ourselves in Little Rock, Arkansas. We small batch cook our sauces just like we did the original recipes on the stove top in our kitchen. This is an usual accomplishment, especially for a new company considering most new healthy food start-ups have to rely upon co-packers and therefore lose control of the quality and production processes of their products.

Hard to open?  Use pliers! We use top-grade "hard" materials to ensure that there is no plastic polymer leaching into the product. Those "hard" materials do not want to expand/contract very easily during manufacturing, which is a good thing! It's hard to open making it better for you!

Why are your products in pouches and not jars?  Jars are heavy, breakable, and they allow ultra-violet light to penetrate the jar that over time leads to the breakdown of nutrients...IF there were any nutrients in "their" products to begin with. Mass produced packaged sauces in jars and pouches are typically cooked with a retort method (just think pressure cooker) at over 100° F higher than our products and cooked twice as long with cheap, profit maximizing ingredients and preservatives (naturally "derived" or not). 

Our pouches have a specific UV barrier to prevent those negative effects, allowing us to maintain the highest level of nutrients in any packaged, shelf-stable food available. Plus, the pouches look cool!

Why do your products list more vitamins than are listed on competitor products? Competitors do not want consumers to know how little nutrition is in their products due to their poor ingredients, processes, and packaging. The FDA only requires that a select few vitamins, etc. be placed on the nutritional panel. If it's not listed on a competitor product panel, that means there's not any in there. Competitors only list vitamins with 0% or low levels because they have to by FDA standards...otherwise they would hide that from consumers as well!  We had to push the lab to give us panels that include as much as possible, regardless of our levels of nutrients. Their response, "YOU ARE THE FIRST COMPANY TO REQUEST FULL DISCLOSURE OF NUTRIENTS."

Do your pouches leach plastic/polymers into the product? No. At the dismay of virtually every pouch manufacturing company in the USA, we demanded that our pouches be made of the highest quality materials. We have university lab results that verify our packaging does not release polymers or other harmful byproducts into the product during processing and packaging.    Note: The spout and fitment are also made of the highest quality materials to prevent polymer leaching. See the Hard to Open FAQ above.

What is the shelf-life of your products? Each product is stamped with an expiration (EXP) month/year date. Our products are shelf-stable for one year from manufacturing date without the use of preservatives, or additives for the sole purpose or preserving. We use whole foods, (fruits and vegetables) and a more expensive and time-consuming method of processing and packaging to ensure our products are safe and of the highest quality. 
Can the pouches be recycled? Not in the typical manner with other plastics recycling programs because of the lamination of several materials that cannot be easily separated/processed for new uses. We are looking for innovative pouch laminates that will allow recycling in the future.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee?  Absolutely YES!  If you are not pleased with any of our products for any reason, return it to the store you bought it from, or utilize the appropriate refund method for online orders.