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    Behind every idea there is a WHY. Read about ours.

    Our sauces are made with the highest vitamin and antioxidant fruits and vegetables we could find.

    Introductory Pack of 3 Flavors = FREE SHIPPING!

    Try our introductory pack of BE HEALTHIER sauces to help you add great nutrition to all your meals and qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

    Marinara Plus - A great tasting and HEALTHY marinara! Vegetarians and Vegans rejoice! Finally the healthiest tomato sauce on the planet, a natural plant source of Vitamin D and a healthy spaghetti sauce that tastes amazing, too!

    Veggie Soiree -The original plant-based vegetable specialty sauce made from a dozen fruits & vegetables, providing a broad spectrum of healthy nutrients! Great as a soup, dip or healthy sauce for chicken. One of the best ways to eat your delicious plant-based snacks!

    Matcha Sriracha - A first in the spicy world...a healthy Sriracha!  But it's more than a "hot sauce" because we packed this topping sauce with matcha tea, hemp seeds, goji berry, maca root, avocado oil, and sweetened it with dates to pack a healthy dose of micro-nutrients and antioxidants. Add this to any of your plant-based protein sources to make a delicious meal, just enough lingering heat on the back of the tongue to enjoy, but not enough to burn you up.



    Our sauces are made with whole, nutritious foods that are packed with micronutrients like antioxidants and vitamins that empower you to be healthier & add nutrients to your plant-forward meals.

    You deserve to know what's in your food and how those foods effect your body. Our ingredients have been specifically chosen to make sauces that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

    We created nutritious, whole food sauces made of 100% plants and vegetables. No added sugars or junk, gluten-free and vegan friendly so you can add nutrients to your meals no matter your lifestyle. 

    In order to be more, you have to start with being healthier.

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