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    Behind every idea there is a WHY. Read about ours.

    Our sauces are made with the highest vitamin and antioxidant fruits and vegetables we could find.

    Busy? Time Challenged? We Need Simple Solutions!

    Busy? Time Challenged? We Need Simple Solutions!

    We’re all busier than ever and it’s more difficult to do things that we know we should be doing, like preparing nutritious meals. Our children are growing up,  seeing easy, quick, and convenient as being the solution to getting more done, being involved in more activities and cramming as much as possible into our daily routines. That’s not going to change as we are expected to continue to push our kids and ourselves to stretch, strive, and achieve.


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    I used to find myself out of coffee beans to make my morning espresso, which was obviously a BIG problem. I finally took some time to do a little research and chose Blue Sail, a local central Arkansas coffee roaster, to get freshly roasted, delicious coffee beans every two weeks via their subscription service. It’s a little silly, but it kinda felt like Christmas when my first subscription order showed up. The stress relief of one less thing to worry about was an unexpected benefit and now I have great coffee beans, ready to go, every time I’m ready for an espresso! Great job Blue Sail! They definitely have the best coffee I’ve ever experienced.


    What does great coffee delivered to my doorstep have to do with our kids? Thinking ahead really should be part of our routine in our busy lifestyles. Subscription services are a great way to let someone else take some hassle or shopping list trips or online orders off our hands.

    This Blue Sail experience helped me realize ReadtheLabl needed to speed up our plans to launch a subscription service for our company. I know a lot of parents are like us and buy fresh vegetables just to toss them out later when we discover the hairy green monster growing in our fridge; we have good intentions, but our schedules push our priorities around.

    We hope that our early-bird subscriber deals help you think ahead, or just as good, help you plan for a gift to a friend or family member that has a hard time getting to stores or simply just need a little stress relief from having to remember to buy the vegetables and then actually cook them.


    Subscribe & Save 10% on all ReadtheLabl subscription orders!


    Shop any of our products to place your first subscription order and use the code FIRSTTIMESUBSCRIBER to get an extra 5% off your first order + free shipping when you spend $20 or more. Add however many pouches you need to be shipped to you every 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. Once you place your order and activate your account, you can edit your subscription order at any time!

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