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    How You've Been Tricked By Food Marketers aka Why We Started ReadtheLabl: A Series by Our Founder

    How You've Been Tricked By Food Marketers: A Series by Our Founder, Kent Wood

    Obviously, I’m not the only person struggling to find simple ways to prepare nutritious meals, but the more I learn about nutrition and the more I read labels, the more aware I have become of the total BS sold to us by marketers and food manufacturers. Our food problems are far worse than expected.


    Americans have been taught that a product labeled or “badged” Organic, All Natural or Non-GMO is actually nutritious. We think not having pesticides used on it means it's “healthy,” or the label non-GMO means it has sufficient nutritional value. 


    You guessed it, food badges have nothing to do with NUTRITION and just because something isn’t AS BAD for you, doesn’t mean it’s GOOD for you. This is the manipulation - get consumers focused on a “badge” and they won’t pay attention to the lack of nutrition.


    Food product badges were developed by organizations with good intent and our health in mind. Food manufacturers, however, with the assistance of the FDA, quickly learned how to mislead and manipulate us into believing their marketing propaganda that their products are more nutritious. In order to increase their profits, they use the ideology that any food in a brown package is “healthier” than food in a brightly colored package, or any product with an “organic” badge is more nutritious than a product that does not have that badge.

    Why We Started ReadtheLabl

    This is why we started ReadtheLabl and chose our product brand name. We want to challenge you to become more educated about foods by reading all food labels, especially those touted as healthy. Eventually, the food industry will be challenged to step up their game.  We want them to be forced to change their practices and processes in order to keep up with the healthiest food brand on the planet.


    Does the food label problem only exist because of the marketers?  What about issues at the consumer level?  Are you eating, mindfully, for best possible nutrition?  Do YOU know how to read the labels? Are you looking for fat content, salt content, sugar content?  What is  macronutrient balance?  What about artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or added preservatives?  Do you look for a label with the least number of ingredients?  Can you even pronounce everything in the ingredients list?  These questions are all a good place to start, but what do any of them have to do with how much nutritional value you are getting from your foods? Glad you asked….NONE!


    Our next post for Be Healthier Magazine will go into the most often overlooked, yet, arguably, most important aspect of the nutrition panel that manufacturers and marketers hope you won’t notice.  Most of us don’t even realize how blind we are to the obvious. That’s where ReadtheLabl comes in and we are anxious to be with you on a new journey to Be Healthier.


    Until next time, read labels and Subscribe to our Be Healthier Magazine.


    Kent Wood, CEO + Founder,



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