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    Get ahead in the game and boost your immunity.  Our latest blog gives you four simple steps to be healthier every day.
    It's National Farmers Market Week. Our blog this week encourages everyone to remember to visit local farmers markets to be healthier and support local economies during the pandemic. 
    Before founding ReadtheLabl, I was a coach to professional tennis players and also coached some junior players. I had one young student whose father, John, would show up to his son’s training periodically. John, obviously inspired by watching the tennis workout, frequently announced to me that he was going to get into shape.
    We’re all busier than ever and it’s more difficult to do things that we know we should be doing, like preparing nutritious meals. Our children are growing up,  seeing easy, quick, and convenient as being the solution to getting more done, being involved in more activities and cramming as much as possible into our daily routines. That’s not going to change as we are expected to continue to push our kids and ourselves to stretch, strive, and achieve.
    The question “Can You Trust Food Manufacturers” is quite rhetorical and also very general in context at the same time. Small “healthier” choice food manufacturers are popping up every day, but from first-hand experience, ReadtheLabl knows how difficult it is to gain traction in the already very competitive grocery market.  Truth and transparency do not reign supreme in the food industry.
    In Part 1 of this series, How You’ve Been Tricked by Food Marketers, we talked about product “badges” and how marketers want us to focus on the Low Fat, Low Sugar, Low Sodium, Organic, Non-GMO, on and on badges! Since then, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about vitamins and other nutrients in our foods, especially with the focus on COVID-19 and media attention on how Americans are turning to more junk food and snacks as they spend more sedentary time at home.
    Obviously, I’m not the only person struggling to find simple ways to prepare nutritious meals, but the more I learn about nutrition and the more I read labels, the more aware I have become of the total BS sold to us by marketers and food manufacturers. Our food problems are far worse than expected.
    Understanding that Food Is Medicine is as vital now as it has ever been. 
    With the current state of the world, everyone's health has moved to the front lines of our concerns. Boosting and protecting our immune system is a priority and precautions are being taken so that everyone can be and stay healthier all around the world. But you may be asking, what can I do now to protect my health and boost my immune system?