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    Have you been to your Farmers' Market lately?

    It's National Farmers Market Week, after all! Even though many farmers markets weren’t able to open in the spring, people may not realize that they are open for business now and really need our support. 

    At ReadtheLabl, we began testing the market by doing sample tastings at local health food stores and farmers markets. The experience was valuable from more than just the standpoint of getting customer feedback. Seeing the same vendors, from market to market, and the sense of community they embraced and promoted was inspiring to us.

    During the pandemic, sample tastings can’t be done and we’ve missed participating in the markets and the weekly festival atmosphere. Many local farmers markets have opened for business recently and the small farmers and vendors really need our support at a time like this.


    The Farmers Market Coalition website has detailed information about the many ways that farmers markets benefit our communities.

    • Preserving farmland
    • Promoting sustainability
    • Increasing access to fresh, nutritious food
    • Supporting healthy communities
    • Stimulating the local economy

    A really great thing about farmers markets is being able to get fresh produce, in season in your area.  Imagine hearing the farmer say, “We picked these last night.”  Not that we encourage stalking the farmers, but you could literally follow them and see the plot of land that your food was grown on!  How often do you feel that way in the grocery store, standing there, looking at something, wondering where it came from or when it was harvested?


    Locating your local farmers market can be as easy as a google search for “farmers markets near me.” Facebook can be a valuable source of information. It’s also a good idea to touch base with the local chamber of commerce to make them aware that there is interest and demand in the community.


    If you are planning to attend your farmers market, please keep pandemic safety guidelines first and foremost in your mind.  The continued success of something that is such a great benefit to the community is dependent on everyone doing their part to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

    • If you feel sick, stay home
    • Wear a mask
    • Carry hand sanitizer
    • Remember to social distance
    • Be prepared to give correct change or use your debit or credit card
    • Carry your own bags for purchases

    Let’s all support our community and the local farmers and vendors!

    Kent Wood, Founder, ReadtheLabl

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