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    Our sauces are made with the highest vitamin and antioxidant fruits and vegetables we could find.

    Recipes & Uses

    Check out this super quick and easy Chicken Tikka Masala! Inspired by the delicious flavors of classic Indian cuisine, we used our Marinara Plus to create a healthy and simple meal you can make at home.

    We found this delicious pasta recipe by Alison Roman and had a ReadtheLabl twist to it! By switching out the tomato paste with equal parts Marinara Plus and Matcha Sriracha, you get the tanginess and spice paired with the sweetness of the shallot plus a plate full of vitamins and minerals. 
    Our nutritious spin on a classic tomato sauce has all the flavors you love in a marinara to make a delicious plate of pasta, but it's flavor palette and nutritional value will have you adding it to every meal! Check out some easy and fun ways you can use our Marinara Plus.
    A soup season favorite . . . tomato bisque, but without the added weight of heavy cream. Substitute the cream for a dairy-free alternative for a creamy, but healthy soup for colder days.
    No more boring breakfast shakes. When you're ready for a veggie and protein-loaded meal, this omelet is sure to satisfy your hunger. 
    Everyone loves an easy dinner and what's easier than a 6 ingredient meal with only a few minutes of prep time? A simple spin to a classic ravioli dish. Pair this Marinara Plus dish with a mellow Chianti since our tomato sauce is made with Carmelina brand San Marzano Tomatoes which are low in acidity and smoother than most.
    Did someone say One-Pot Pasta Dish? We love being able to use 1 pot and make the ultimate comfort food with a healthy twist. Next time you're having a dinner party, whip this delicious meal up and leave everyone feeling happy and healthy.
    These tacos are inspired by Moroccan spices and loaded with Vitamin D, Vitamin C and plant-based protein. High in vitamins and antioxidants, these tacos have us wishing Taco Tuesday was every day! 
    On a chilly, rainy night comfort food is so welcome! But who feels like cooking after a long day? Grab your choice of polenta, your favorite veggies from the fridge and trusty Marinara Plus for a cozy, comfort dinner that’s quick and easy. Check out how we created it below!