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    RECIPE: Marinara Plus Italian Meatballs with Spinach & Polenta

    On a chilly, rainy night comfort food is so welcome! But who feels like cooking after a long day? Grab your choice of polenta, your favorite veggies from the fridge and trusty Marinara Plus for a cozy, comfort dinner that’s quick and easy. Check out how we created it below! 


      • 1 package Trader Joe’s (or other) Creamy Polenta, or fresh polenta with spinach and carrots

      • Olive oil

      • Garlic

      • Mushrooms

      • Frozen Meatballs

      • Fresh Spinach, chopped

      • ReadtheLabl Marinara Plus

      • Parmesan cheese

      • Salt and pepper


      1. Prep the polenta according to package instructions
      2. Sauté the garlic and mushrooms in olive oil/butter
      3. Add the meatballs and cover until they’re thawed and warmed through
      4. Throw in a handful of chopped fresh spinach and sauté then stir in Marinara Plus until warmed through
      5. Spoon polenta into a bowl, top with Marinara Plus and meatballs, sprinkle over Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Voila!

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