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    Our sauces are made with the highest vitamin and antioxidant fruits and vegetables we could find.

    How To Use Marinara Plus

    Healthy Pasta Sauce

    Our nutritious spin on a classic tomato sauce has all the flavors you love in a marinara to make a delicious plate of pasta, but it's flavor palette and nutritional value will have you adding it to every meal! Check out some easy and fun ways you can use our Marinara Plus

    • Pasta (of course)
    • Pizza
    • Omelet/Eggs
    • Tomato Bisque (by itself or paired with Veggie Soirée - check out this post)
    • Tacos
    • Dip - serve cold or heated
    • Marinade
    • Meatloaf Topping
    • Tomato Soup
    Need some specific recipes to follow? Check out these dishes we've created with our Marinara Plus!

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