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    - Contributed by a ReadtheLabl community member -

    This is an “un-recipe” recipe.  There’s no cooking, and it’s so cool and refreshing during hot and humid summer weather.  I really like your products and gazpacho becomes super nutritious by using ReadtheLabl sauces as the base!  I hope you can share this with others to help inspire them to use your products in a way they might not have thought of before, but will keep them cool in the kitchen this summer!

    Step 1 - The Base

    Start with packs of sauce, straight from the fridge so that it’s nice and chilled.  Use any combination of Veggie Soiree, Marinara Plus or Matcha Sriracha.  (I like to mix a cup (8 oz.)  of Veggie Soiree and a quarter cup (2 oz.) or so of Marinara Plus).  Add Matcha Sriracha if you like a little zip!

    Step 2 - The Seasoning

    Because I’m diluting the wonderfully balanced flavors of ReadtheLabl sauces by adding fresh vegetables, I like to add some cracked black pepper and sea salt, to taste, and then stir in a tablespoon, more or less, of rice vinegar or red wine vinegar.  Lime or lemon juice work, as well.  I might add some red pepper flakes or cayenne for a little kick.

    Step 3 - The Add-Ins

    Use any sort of fresh vegetable or herbs that you like (or have on hand - great for cleaning out the fridge)!   I really enjoy using a combination of  fresh, diced yellow and red cherry tomatoes, some diced cucumber and a little diced red onion.  A little fresh Italian parsley or fresh basil is really good.  When I want a little extra texture in the gazpacho, I’ll whiz the sauce and some of the diced vegetables and herbs in the blender, then top with the remaining vegetables and herbs.  A little drizzle of olive oil is really good, too.

    The magic of this is how versatile, easy and refreshing it is.  I’ve also added canned chickpeas, diced red or green bell peppers, and some leftover quinoa I had in the fridge.  I haven’t tried it with cheese, but some crumbled feta or grated parmesan might be really good.  Sometimes I like to make some fresh sourdough croutons, but only if I can stand the idea of turning on the stove!  


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