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    Our sauces are made with the highest vitamin and antioxidant fruits and vegetables we could find.

    How To Use Veggie Soirée

    Daily Dose of Veggies with 2 Servings

    Our Veggie Soirée is part of our Be Healthier Sauces and boy, does it live up to that name. Made with a dozen fruits and veggies, this plant-based sauce is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients. All you need is 2 servings a day and you reach your recommended daily dose of vegetables! Check out these nutritious, delicious and SIMPLE ways to use this healthy veggie sauce.

    • Pasta
    • Pizza
    • Tacos
    • Soup (serve heated or cold - check out this post)
    • Salad Dressing (great on its own or you can make your own Vinaigrette
    • Veggie Dip
    • Avocado Toast Topping
    • Eggs/Omelet
    • Tomato Bisque (pair with Marinara Plus - check out this post)
    • Marinade
      • Fish
      • Poultry
      • Beef
    • Steamed or Grilled Vegetable Topping

    Need some specific recipes to follow? Check out these dishes we've created with our Veggie Soirée!

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