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From the beginning

At some point, life is going to punch you square in the mouth . . . being prepared beforehand is huge in overcoming. Read the Labl founders both reached points in their lives where this statement sang true.


Kent’s son, Connor, was born 3 months premature and spent over 3 months in intensive care fighting for his life. When Kent’s son finally came home, they were extremely focused on providing him with the absolute best nutrition, so they made his own baby food by pureeing combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables.

As his son got older it became more of a challenge getting sufficient fruits and vegetables in him. This led Kent to modifying existing sauces until eventually, he was making his own. Kent came to realize that if they were having difficulty “sneaking” vegetables into his son, it was surely a problem for many people.

Ultimately this, what we call, “Boom” moment is where Read the Labl began. After a significant amount of research and planning at the University of Arkansas’ Food Innovation Center, Kent created several nutritious product recipes that are shelf stable, taste terrific and are the most nutritious products available to add to any meal. 


On July 12th, 2019, Logan’s 5-year-old son was diagnosed with kidney cancer. By all external signs, Lander was a healthy active little boy. With a new baby due in October, Logan’s family was blindsided by the news and devastated at the moment.

After gathering his composure to the best of his ability, Logan swore to use his situation to help others. Arkansas Children's Hospital has a wonderful reputation and Logan had complete faith in the healthcare providers and accepted their treatment plan. But he didn’t stop there…

The first step was to dive into nutrition and understand overall principles then refine and build on them as quickly as possible. To best help his son and family in this tough time, Logan committed to strengthening himself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Being blessed with a family business, Me & McGee Market, an outdoor farmer's market-style setup, Logan had access to an incredible world of farmers, artisans, restauranteurs, and chefs. Coupled with an agriculture background and EMS experience gave him a more intimate perspective into the food system, health and aspects of medicine.

The market carries Read the Labl and is where Kent and Logan became acquainted. Logan loved having a product that provided an easy way to get Lander nutrients that he enjoyed eating.

Once again, that “Boom” moment hit for Logan. The more he visited with Kent, the more they both realized their drive to serve others were greatly aligned. Having the shared experiences of their respective sons' medical challenges, they began strategizing on helping people access the tools for better health. In a short amount of time, they decided to join forces in the endeavor.


Lander and Connor are doing well and the future is exceptionally bright.

The team here at Read the Labl has a vision to change the way the world is eating by helping all of us know what we should be consuming and providing one of a kind products. 


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